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Act-On Software is a software-as-a-service product for marketing automation developed by Act-On, a company headquartered in Portland, Oregon. The company was founded in 2008, retailing its software exclusively through Cisco, which provided $2 million in funding. It is used mostly by small to medium-sized businesses and corporate institutions' departments. It developed an internal sales department to market the software directly to users with $74 million in funding raised. Act-On has received positive reviews for use by small to medium-sized businesses due to its ease-of-use, simplicity and cost. Act-On was founded in 2008 by Raghu Raghavan, formerly a founder of Responsys, after he saw "potential for a sophisticated, but affordable SaaS marketing tool mid-market companies could easily use." Act-On initially sold through alternate channels, but later created its own sales team. Entering the market after several competitors had been established, Act-On had a second-mover advantage, learning from the success and failures of earlier market entrants. Raghavan commented in a 2013 interview, "We came in, we saw all of the things that had not been done right in this space, and I think it allowed us to build a company in a whole new way to attack what we saw in the monsters' market." In 2009 the companys investors tried to convince founder Raghu Raghavan to move Act-On to Silicon Valley, but it remained in Oregon. The company raised a second round of funding for $4 million in November 2010 and a third round for $10 million in June 2011. In March 2011 Act-On re-launched its software with a new user interface. Later that year, Act-On expanded into larger offices in Beaverton, Oregon, Roseville, California and also established a new location in Silicon Valley. An additional $16 million in funding was raised the following year.

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