About Availity

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Availity is an American healthcare technology services company. Availity was founded in 2001 by Humana and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida, in Jacksonville, Florida. Other owner health plans included Health Care Service Corp., Anthem, and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota. It reached one million transactions during 2002 and then a hundred million transactions by 2005. Availity has clients in each of the fifty US states. Julie Klapstein was recruited by the founding companies to build the organization, and she served as the companys first CEO throughout the 2000s. In 2011, Russ Thomas succeeded Julie Klapstein as CEO of the company, after serving as president and COO. Around this time changes to Federal health care laws in the US created an upsurge in clients for the company’s exchange system. By 2014 the company had about 700 employees. In November 2015, the Availity network included about 900,000 physicians and healthcare providers, including about 2,700 hospitals. Availity was described by Information Week as “an electronic clearinghouse that specializes in Web-based, real-time healthcare transactions,” focusing on information exchanges between healthcare providers, insurers, and other parties. Providers use the Availity Web Portal free of charge, while insurers pay per transaction. Based entirely on the Internet, the goal of the service is to lower the amount of paperwork needed by physicians and increase the efficiency of the healthcare system. As of 2010, Availity’s network included 200,000 physicians and providers of care, 1,000 hospitals, and 1,300 health plans. The company was also handling about one billion information exchanges between health care providers and insurers per year.