About Ducommun

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Ducommun Incorporated (NYSE: DCO) is a manufacturing company that supplies products, engineering, and support services to the global aerospace and defense industry. It manufactures structural and electronic components and subassemblies for a wide variety of commercial, military, and space aircraft, notably for the Boeing 737 NG and 777 airliners, the C-17 heavy lift cargo jet, the Apache, Chinook, and Blackhawk helicopters, and the Space Shuttle. It also provides engineering and program management services to the United States military, Homeland Security, NASA, and other government agencies. The company’s revenues were expected to be about $400 million in 2008; it employed about 2,000 people in facilities located in California, Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, Mississippi, Missouri, and New York. The Company’s corporate offices are in Carson, California. Ducommun is the oldest company in California[citation needed], established in 1849 by Charles Louis Ducommun, a watchmaker by training, who emigrated to the US from Switzerland in the early 1840s. The Company started as a general store, providing supplies (and credit) to gold prospectors and other pioneers who had settled in the burgeoning pueblo of Los Angeles. At the time, California was still a territory of the US, just on the verge of statehood with the population of Los Angeles then standing at just about 1,600.

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