Application Security Engineer Jobs in San Francisco, CA at Twitch

Title: Application Security Engineer

Company: Twitch

Location: San Francisco, CA

Salary: $100K – $150K*

Category: Media

About the Position

Twitch is looking for a focused Application Security Engineer with a desire to play on the Blue Team. Maybe you’re a pen-tester who is bored of always winning; maybe you’re the local security advocate within your development organization. However you got to where you are, we want one thing from you – help make Twitch’s products as safe as they can be for our partners and viewers.

You’ll apply a holistic security perspective and escort Twitch’s products and features from ideation to deployment. Reporting to our Application Security Manager, you will provide consulting to product teams looking to try new things safely. You will review essential passages of code for safe practices. Most importantly, you will help build the tools that do the above for you as a force multiplier. And yes, where warranted, there’s some pen-testing in it for you as well, if you’re into that.

Please consider the responsibilities detailed below to be a mix of expectations and opportunities. We don’t expect everyone to already be great at everything. Everything sounds great except for one or two things? Please ask about them. Want to support our team without being on it? Please consider other security roles at Twitch.


Conduct application security assessments across all Twitch products and services.

Collaborate with departments and improve threat analysis interviews with the product team to perform risk assessment, threat models, and identify common use and abuse cases.

Locate weaknesses by using diverse tactics including both manual and automated methods (code review, static scans, fuzzing, penetration test, etc.)

Balance offensive and defensive methods to locate potential weaknesses.

Implement creative solutions for our security needs

Create, prototype and operate security review capabilities, tooling and automation.

Analyze the results of security reviews and related findings, document and advise product team of vulnerabilities, exploitability, risk and mitigation.

Manage external reports of security vulnerabilities, guiding remediation and making decisions on bug bounties.

Continuously enhance and mature our Application security program.

Encourage a security culture to the departments; train and instill essential security values in engineers including exercising risk-based judgments, emphasizing trust and safety in product designs, and prioritizing security remediation work.

Help develop security standards, preferred implementation patterns, secure common frameworks, and developer documentation and education materials.

Never stop learning! Stay informed about the latest developments in the information security field.


5+ years relevant experience doing information security work or equivalent BS degree in Information Security, Information Systems, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or other related fields

3 years of demonstrated application security experience

Knowledge of network and web protocols, and an in-depth knowledge of Linux/Unix tools and architecture.

Software development proficiency (Go, Ruby, Python, Java, C#, Obj-C/Swift).

Comprehension of algorithms and processes for programmatic automation through scripting or programming languages (Python, Ruby, shell, etc.)

Diverse background in cloud, host, network, and application security.

Bonus Points

MS degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, or 5+ years of …

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