Area Business Development Manager Job at Securitas in Vancouver, WA

Job Description

Utilizes appropriate marketing and sales methodologies to develop profitable business in security services in an assigned Area or business segment; follows-up regularly with clients to assess satisfaction with services and to identify additional business opportunities; strives to achieve sales goals.

Distinguishing Characteristics: Performs outside sales work or closely related activities at least 80% of the time.


  • The functions listed describe the business purpose of this job. Specific duties or tasks may vary and be documented separately. The employee might not be required to perform all functions listed. Additional duties may be assigned, and functions may be modified, according to business necessity.
  • All assigned duties or tasks are deemed to be part of the essential functions, unless such duties or tasks are unrelated to the functions listed, in which case they are deemed to be other (non-essential) functions.
  • Employees are held accountable for successful job performance. Job performance standards may be documented separately, and may include functions, objectives, duties or tasks not specifically listed herein.
  • In performing functions, duties or tasks, employees are required to know and follow safe work practices, and to be aware of company policies and procedures related to job safety, including safety rules and regulations. Employees are required to notify superiors upon becoming aware of unsafe working conditions.
  • All functions, duties or tasks are to be carried out in an honest, ethical and professional manner, and to be performed in conformance with applicable company policies and procedures. In the event of uncertainty or lack of knowledge of company policies and procedures, employees are required to request clarification or explanations from superiors or authorized company representatives.

1. Prospects continuously for new clients through a variety of techniques, including telephone solicitation and cold calling.

2. Maintains current list of all prospects in electronic database as specified by company.

3. Develops pricing and business development strategies in collaboration with and under the direction of Region and/or Area management.

4. Works with company sales and marketing department to focus sales efforts on developed and graded leads and in developing campaigns to maximize sales efforts.

5. Participates in trade associations and trade shows, and assists in other promotional efforts.

6. Analyzes local market to identify market opportunities, prospective companies and associated buyers.

7. Follows-up on referrals and self generated leads to identify buyer influences and any timing issues; monitors prospects’ contract calendars; prepares reports on status of leads and other reports as required.

8. Plans prospect visits with appropriate operations personnel, such as the responsible local management.

9. Makes sales presentations to prospective customers.

10. Solicits orders and processes approved services schedules; strives to achieve sales goals.

11. Meets regularly with new clients to assess level of satisfaction with services and to develop a list of strong referrals.

12. Develops and submits proposals and responses to RFQs and RFPs issued by prospective clients after obtaining pricing and specifications approval from management as appropriate.

13. Enhances and maintains business development skills through participating in a variety of training programs as assigned.

14. Performs additional functions, duties and specific tasks of a similar nature and scope as necessary in order to achieve assigned business objectives.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS AT ENTRY: Additional qualifications may be specified and receive pr
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