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Primary Position Description:
Typically reporting to the Branch Manager or to the Business Unit heads, partners with the management team and is responsible for the operational and financial performance of the business unit.

Performance Expectations:
1) Agree to responsibility with accountability for the profitability and efficient operations of the branch business.

2) Expand and grow the business to the full market potential and fleet population.

3) Develop and maintain effective and reliable long-term customer relations.

4) Commit to and invest time and energy willingly into the performance and management of the branch personnel.

5) Coach and mentor personnel under your management, develop individual training and improvement programmes and review performance and deliverables.

6) Establish and maintain required systems and processes in the branch, ensure proper, efficient administration and operations management.

7) Manage and preserve the assets of the branch, including inventory and other equipment

8) Maintain ISO compliance, and adhere to the standards, procedures and policies of the company.

9) Represent the company at an executive level within your host community in an exemplar manner, both during business activities and privately.

10) Develop and maintain cross functional intercompany relationships and support. Also contributing to the development of strategies, plans and growth.

Application of Knowledge, Experience, Network & Skills:
1) Learn and understand fully how the business functions, equipment, movable capital, and customer needs

2) Develop the business unit into an efficient, effective and value add entity within the organisation, through a process of continual improvement, optimising processes that work best.

3) Develop a pro-active approach to the business, understanding the local business environment, the individual customer preferences,

4) Rapidly respond to business opportunities that align with our strategies, goals and objectives

Detailed Responsibilities:
Optimise Existing Sales;

  • Service existing customers across the range of products fight to win all related aftermarket business.
  • Margin Control – ensure sales margins are preserved, increase where possible.
  • Sales planning and forecasts constantly reviewed and the correct inventory stocked.
  • Develop and monitor sales strategies to maintain and grow turnover.
  • Continuously monitor lost sales and develop strategies to win back.
  • Manage customer risk, and ability to pay for goods and services alert executive to any increased risk developments.

New sales opportunities;

  • Monitor customer base and seek new profitable sales opportunities, via customer interaction.

Contracts and Agreements;

  • Monitor sales contracts, negotiate for renewal timeously at agreed price increases and inflation indices, in cooperation with head-office contracts departments.
  • Review contracts basket of parts and increase where necessary at agreed margins.
  • Ensure all role-players are familiar with the terms and conditions of the various contracts including VMI and maintain the sales accordingly.

Rapid Response;

  • Respond rapidly to market demand, and new opportunities, VMI, consignment stock, stores establishment, and controls. Take initiative and drive to completion.
  • Respond to break-downs, standing machines own brand and other products if we can supply the correct parts.

Opposition Intelligence;

  • Understand our opposition at all levels and the purchasing dynamics on each mine site, why they purchase from this company and not ourselves.
  • Understand opposition pricing, relationships, sales and service practices, any advantages they offer over our goods and services. I.e. pricing, delivery time, quality, availability etc.
  • Report this information to management regularly.
  • Develop an opposition data base and SWOT analysis of the business for discussion and counter strategy initiatives.

Budgets, Goals and Forecasting;

  • Understand the sales demand from each customer, by product line.
  • Compile and monitor annual budgets and monthly forecasts based on demand and market circumstances. Achieve sales goals. Establish sales targets and goals for the sales team, and monitor performance. Develop sales targets by machine population, type, and historical demand.

Finance: Sales and Invoicing management;

  • Ensure proper sales and invoicing control in the branch, minimising credit notes and misallocated invoicing.
  • Invoices to be compiled as good leave the premises or as soon thereafter.
  • Avoid delivered but not invoiced concessions, no goods to be delivered unless invoiced or allocated to a job.

Debtor Control;

  • Support the branch manager for debt control, Manage all debt and outstanding debtors on a monthly basis.
  • Ensure prompt resolution of queries and manage payments and outstanding debt as a priority.
  • Report any developing risks in terms of debtor management.

Overhead Costs;

  • Manage overhead costs in line with budget, optimise and reduce where possible.

Staff Costs and Overtime:

  • Ensure all commissions’ calculations are correct according to performance and measured results.
  • Manage overtime according to revenue and agreed expenditure.

Job Costing Control;

  • Ensure all open jobs are reviewed on a monthly basis and closed as soon as completed.

Sales Risk

  • Monitor new and existing customers to ensure the company is under no risk in doing business with them.
  • All new and potential customers should be approved prior to any credit extension provide by the company.

Product Support:
Optimise Aftermarket Product Support;

  • Ensure all required spared are readily and available for service team, implement strategies to remedy any machines that require intervention.

Machinery Records and Performance;

  • Report on all machines operating at all sites within the warranty period, and advise when each machine is “out of warranty”
  • Report on machine population status.

Pending Warranty Issues;

  • Identify and report potential warranty issues as a result operator abuse, or adverse operating conditions, or poor maintenance practices.

Skills, Competence and Training;

  • Ensure all staff are trained and upskilled for the equipment in the field, and qualified to advise on spares
  • Arrange training and compliance where necessary.
  • Audit and maintain proper competency records of all Admin & Sales staff.

HR and Admin:
Salary Queries;

  • Assist the Branch Manager with salary related queries, increase motivations, promotions.
  • Compile and complete all necessary company approval documentation as needed.

Leave and absenteeism;

  • Manage the leave and absenteeism of the branch personnel, including time keeping and special leave situations.

Training & Skills Development;

  • Review training needs of the branch personnel, prioritise and motivate as needed.
  • Ensure minimum statutory training is given to appropriate personnel i.e. fork lift drivers, crane operators, first aid, firefighting etc.

Disciplinary Procedures;

  • Implement and adhere to the company’s disciplinary procedure, in accordance with the prevailing labour laws and regulations.
  • Make informed and fair management decisions in implementing the disciplinary code.
  • Enforcement of the disciplinary code is mandatory as line manager, do not neglect to discipline personnel where they have failed to perform their duties or transgressed the code of conduct and or policies, failure to do this will endanger the business.

Enforcement of Company Policies;

  • Enforcement of the company policies and procedures is mandatory, and disciple infringements and negligence accordingly.

Security and Safety:
Safety of Employees on the Premises;

  • Manage the safety of personnel in the workplace. Maintain safety aids i.e. bannisters, guard rails, pathways, lighting, electrical connections, ablution facilities, etc.
  • Vehicle maintenance and roadworthiness.
  • Storage and disposal of flammable and toxic substances as needed.

Perimeter fire breaks and drainage systems including the workshops oil separator system.

  • COVID-19 safety protocols.

Security systems and controls;

  • Maintain and ensure the operation of security systems, cameras, alarms, armed response, burglar proofing etc.
  • Vehicle satellite tracking and alarm systems.

Goods in Transit;

  • Ensure all goods in transit are properly protected or covered on the vehicle to prevent theft.
  • All delivery documentation and proof of delivery controls needs to be thoroughly checked and matched to dispatch documentation, filed carefully for future reference.

Insurances and Risk;

  • Review and monitor insurance risk issues, report to head office for inclusion in the company insurance policies.
  • Ensure branch vehicles are licenced and insured in accordance with regulations

Warranty Control:
Warranty Procedure;

  • Adhere and administer the company warranty procedure.
  • Compile and manage the necessary documentation and communication with the client and company representative.

Warranty Control Responsibility;

  • Branch service representative responsible as the first respondent in a warranty situation and initial report as to the circumstances and nature of failure needs to be documented.
  • Management of customer machine re-commissioning and warranty resolution needs to be managed by the branch and reported.
  • Acceptance of warranty will be far more scrutinised in future and accepted where deemed liable.

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Previous Branch Admin and Sales Management experience

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