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District Managers are collaborative, results driven leaders who set the direction for a market retail operation while driving alignment with the strategic goals of the Region. They have oversight for store managers and must create a culture of high performance and high engagement while identifying and developing the next generation of leaders. A critical accountability of the role is driving execution: they are responsible for operationalizing strategy in the market and ensuring the delivery of Safelite’s world class customer experience. Therefore, they must spend time listening to associates at all levels in their region to understand challenges and opportunities and must work through Store Managers to remove obstacles to productivity and implement best practices. They take a strategic approach to their work as they must understand what levers to pull to drive profit in their market. To maintain a strong customer focus and drive sales, they must build strong working relationships with the top insurance agents in their market, have a good understanding of local competition, and stay abreast of changing insurance industry trends.


Safelite will be unlike any place you’ve ever worked. (This won’t be just the daily grind!) You’ll join caring and passionate teams that collaborate to make a difference, deliver extraordinary results and bring unexpected happiness. Every day. Your effort, heart and creative ideas will be valued and rewarded. And we care about your well-being. So, we’ll strive to give you what you need to be happy at work and at home.



Leadership and Direction

  • Contextualize and communicate the strategy for achieving the region’s mission vision, and values within the district.
  • Inspire a workforce to commit to the strategy and do extraordinary things to achieve the business goals.
  • Lead through engagement and motivation, understanding the needs of a primarily mobile workforce and creating a culture where everyone is inspired to do their best.

Succession and Capability Building

  • Identify the capabilities needed to meet the current and emerging business needs of the market.
  • Evaluate current capabilities, identify gaps, and prioritize development activities for both technicians and store managers.
  • Develop leadership skills and succession plans for both store managers and technicians.
  • Identifying and developing talent with the ability to grow into more complex and challenging roles.
  • Develops and communicates the overall vision of the market including short- and long-range sales and operations plans to grow market share and increase brand awareness to ensure Safelite is well engrained in the market
  • Monitors monthly performance against sales and operations plans and makes appropriate adjustments to ensure the plans are met
  • Keeps current on what the competition is doing and makes appropriate recommendations (pricing, services, product offerings) to ensure we are in line with or ahead of the competition
  • Ensures the market leadership team completes the annual Talent Review Process for their direct reports ensuring the market team is made up of top performing associates and ensuring nonperforming associates are appropriately managed
  • Assists in the formulation of pricing policies to ensure profitability of market operations
  • Works with field sales to identify and develop new business relationships


Business Planning

  • Direct the development of annual and long-term business plans for a district, ensuring alignment with the regional direction, quantify business outcomes (i.e., revenue, NPS, job completion rate, time to serve, wiper sales, quality, profitability, COE, and associate retention and engagement).
  • Work with Regional Vice-President and Field Finance team to influence the development of annual workforce plans.

Strategy Formation and Implementation

  • Oversees the strategic direction of a district and works to implement the strategy in all stores within that market.
  • Work in partnership with Store Managers and Supply Chain leaders to localize the strategy as necessary.

P&L Management

  • Oversee the P&L for a market, ensuring that revenue and profit goals are met and understanding what financial levers to pull to move the market toward its goals, managing expenses, maximizing profits and minimizing loss.
  • Conduct a financial review with Store Managers each month and ensure each store meets its financial goals.

Customer Experience & Quality

  • Works with Store Managers to create a culture that drives a great, memorable, and easy customer experience in all stores.
  • Ensure that Store Managers create a best in class experience for customers.

Operational Best Practices

  • Work closely with the Field Optimization team to influence and standardize best practices, sharing ideas from team, implements the playbook in their region, driving adoption of best practices in the Field.
  • Addresses challenges and removes obstacles to best practices.


  • Bachelor’s degree in business administration or a related field, or comparable years of experience
  • 7-10 years of management level experience in an operations and sales environment
  • Ability to lead, coach and achieve results through others
  • Knowledge of sales, marketing, and operations techniques/expertise
  • Valid driver’s license required
  • Ability to travel up to 50%
  • Auto aftermarket experience helpful, not required


We’re known as an auto glass company. That’s the focus of what we do. But we’re much more — we’re a growing and evolving service brand. And what really makes us unique is our people. Because at our core, we’re a People Powered organization — and our people come first and our culture matters. We’ll help you find a fulfilling career path and encourage you to have a life. Let us be the best place you’ll ever work.

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