ENTREPRENEURIAL CULINARY SPIRITS Job at The Bristol and Bath Rum Distillery in Bristol

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COVID-19 has changed the world and the way of it.

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If you have answered YES to BOTH questions, read on.

Many things have changed. We need to adapt to the times and build our business beyond COVID-19. We require leaders to imagine the unthinkable.

Are you one of them?

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I am a commercial kitchen living harmoniously with a distillery, bar and spirit school under a big roof in the centre of the great city of Bristol.

I am looking for:

Entrepreneurial, independent, culinary spirits to cook up a storm for the good folk of Bristol and all those that visit her.

I am a platform for the best street food traders, foodies and chefs in Bristol and the South West to cook quality, locally-sourced and honest food.

Be your own boss! Design your own menu and serve it here.

The thing I wish people would notice more about me:

The opportunity. I have no ulterior motives. Yes I am cheap, but it costs a lot of money to look this cheap.

More about me:

I am a fully functional commercial kitchen looking for “pop-ups and residencies” in the new Bristol and Bath Rum Distillery. I am very flexible.

The Distillery is multifaceted.

· Distillery – Production of rum in a commercial 500L rum still. Production of gin in a 200L gin still. Specific room for aging own rum in casks also.

· Bar – 3 separate bars separated onto 3 floors.

· Spirit School –3 multi-functional rooms on own floor. The rooms host a range of experiences and are available for private and corporate hire. 40+ mini stills for public use in distilling both rum and gin.

Potential options for suitors:

Street food kitchen – One off pop-ups, longer term residencies, daily, weekly, monthly…

Corporate/private party-catering – menus for groups hiring private space in the Distillery.

Christmas – Create a Christmas menu and serve it at The Distillery? It’s just around the corner.

Other stuff – If it involves serving food to the general public, there is a conversation at least.

Vital statistics

· Medium electric oven – (Lincat silverlink 600 oven)

· Floor standing, electric, double well fryer – (2 x 9.5 litre capacity tanks)

· Salamander electric grill – (Wall mounted)

· Electric counter unit griddle – (Countertop, 750 mm, 12 mm thick chrome plate)

· Electric boiling top / hotplate – (4 round solid burners)

· Microwave oven – (1800w output)

· Upright freezer – (380 litre capacity)

· 2 x undercounter refrigerator – (145 litre capacity each)

· Hood type, pass‐thru dishwasher – (15 litre tank capacity)

· Miscellaneous crockery, cutlery etc.

· Pots, pans and miscellaneous kitchen equipment

The pre-nupt:

If we agree to progress, there will be a tenancy at will agreement. It’s really simple!!

Trust is the most important thing in any relationship!


You will be responsible for providing the equipment and means to take your own orders and payments. We do not take food transactions through our till.

You can either provide your own waiting staff or our team will be happy to take the orders and payments for you. However a means to take payment must be provided.

Your end of the bargain:

· You need to register your food business with Bristol City Council.

· You need to have a written Food Safety Management System in place.

· You and your staff have completed the Level 2 Food Hygiene course

· Your own public and employee liability insurance cover.

· Establishing and maintaining a positive relationship with the local Environmental Health department.

· All the other legal stuff required to serve food to the public.

· You are welcome to provide any further equipment you want to use in the kitchen, you are responsible for any costs associated. All self-provided equipment must be PAT tested before use.

· Printing – you provide all your own paraphernalia including menus etc.

Our end of the bargain:

· All current equipment is maintained and serviced by ourselves. All equipment must be used as per their guides, any damage caused by misuse may result charges being made to tenant

· Digitally marketing support through all our online platforms

· Everything else that I have left out.

And the cost?

20% of your turnover. Yes, no rent and no fixed costs! And no hidden costs.

Interested? Please get in contact here.

Reference ID: KITCHEN

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, Temporary, Commission

Additional pay:



  • KITCHEN: 2 years (Required)

Work remotely:

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Company: The Bristol and Bath Rum Distillery

Company Location:  Bristol

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