Equality, Diversity and Integration Officer Job at Mitie in Harmondsworth

Job Description

Company Description


Job Description

Equality, Diversity and Integration Officer

Location- Harmondsworth IRC

Hours- 40 per week

Salary- £26k PA

Job objectives and responsibilities

To lead, promote and develop best practice in equality and diversity within the Centre encouraging good relations between different racial groups as required by legislation to eliminate unlawful discrimination and ensure compliance with contractual, company and Home Office standards.

Support, motivate and monitor staff to ensure best practice in diversity and equality practices and issues across the Centre.

  • To ensure all protected characteristics are recognised and supported.

Main duties and accountabilities

Develop the detainee equality and diversity strategy, policies and procedures so that a safe environment is maintained where individual differences are respected.

Advise and support the management team on all matters relating to equality and diversity of detainees and staff to ensure best practice, legal and contractual compliance.

Coach and support staff to ensure best practice regarding equality and diversity is embedded into the Centre.

Engage with detainees and staff to encourage good relations between different groups and to ensure their views are considered.

Carry out investigations and produce monthly reports on any equality and diversity issues raised to enable appropriate action to be taken in line with contractual requirements.

Monitor incident reports ensuring all incidents relating to detainee equqlity and diversity are recorded and actioned appropriately.

Provide and monitor data and documentation covering all aspects of equality and diversity regarding detainees and staff to relevant stakeholders to meet contractual and audit requirements.

Produce an annual Equality,Diversity and Race relations report.

To work with external agencies in all matters relating to Equality and Diversity to enhance what is currently delivered to staff and detainees.

To promote Equality and reduce any form of discrimination in the workplace.

  • To work on providing new ideas, projects and inivations in this area.


Person Specification:
This role requires operational experience within a custodial environment and an understanding of diversity and equality issues

Please see below for the Care + Custody competencies and MITIE values and behaviours that are important for this role.

Additional Information

Care + Custody Competencies

Detainee Care and Management:
Creates and encourages a climate which is detainee focussed

Regularly gives feedback to staff on detainee feedback/information

Models the company’s commitment to detainee care and management

Monitors and evaluates detainee care and management service delivery

Interacts with detainees easily, quickly building rapport but maintaining professional distance

Is impartial, fair, assertive, consistent and confident with detainees

Treats detainees with respect as individuals and encourages detainees to do the same to others

Delivering Excellence:
Sets high personal standards as an example

Explains the importance of delivering excellence and compliance with standards

Monitors performance against standards

Explicitly defines consequences of not achieving standards

Encourages others to make improvements and strive for higher standards

Maintains high professional standards

Builds effective communication within a group or team

Shapes communication to suit the audience/individual

Presents ideas/information clearly, interestingly and enthusiastically

Sensitive in communication, taking account of the possible thoughts, feelings and concerns of others

Maintains eye contact when communicating

Asks questions and probes to gain relevant information

Summarises key relevant points

Seeks clarification when necessary

Listens to and carefully reads instructions and information

Safety, Diversity and Dignity:
Creates a culture which recognises and respects individuals human rights

Creates a culture which values diversity

Evaluates and monitors the delivery of services to prevent discrimination and maintain safety

Embraces inclusivity in all decisions, solutions and actions

Ensures the implementation of policies relating to safety, dignity and diversity is carried out properly within the workplace

Sets a positive example to others

Addresses issues with staff who disregard safety, dignity or diversity

Planning & Organising:
Prepares clear and logical plans, breaking objective down into clear and manageable tasks

Accurately estimates time scales and allocates resources

Regularly reviews plan, monitors progress and adapts plan when necessary

Manages meetings effectively

Understands rationale

Creates structured, time efficient environment with clear responsibilities

Decision Making:
Interprets and evaluates information critically and objectively

Recognises assumptions

Can see all sides of an argument

Identifies key issues and effective courses of action

Relates different pieces of information and recognises trends

Thinks through consequences of different courses of action

Considers risks

Change Orientation/Flexibility:
Identifies and articulates when and where change is necessary and beneficial

Develops an effective action plan to introduce and implement change

Recognises discomfort that change can bring and provides support

Encourages new ideas and embraces change

Seeks and explores suggestions for improvements fairly

Monitors the ongoing implementation of change initiatives

Works around obstacles that prevent completion of projects/initiatives

Develops new or different approaches

Regularly reviews methods of working

Displays confidence and self-belief

Knows when to adapt and compromise

Expresses and generates commitment and enthusiasm

Considers likely reactions of others and acts to address them when planning communication

Maintains people’s self-esteem in situations of disagreement or discussion

Obtains support

Relates suggested solutions to the needs of the listeners

Focuses on the problem rather than personalities in a debate

Deals with objections effectively

Interpersonal Skills

Anticipates the way a team or individual will respond

Manages emotion and humour to meet aims and objectives

Manages opposition, hostility and stressful situations effectively

Understands impact of own behaviour and style

Perceptive and considered in approach to others

Is aware of cultural and social factors that influence behaviour

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