Flutter Developer Job at Wolfpack in Eindhoven

Job Description

Location: Eindhoven, campus of Eindhoven University of Technology

Hours per week: Full-time [40h]

Think and work level: HBO or higher | Computer Science

As a Flutter developer you work with other developers, designers and project managers, ensuring a timely delivery, while acting as the go-to person for development and Flutter advice.

What you tell your friends you do:
“I usually start my mornings having a catch-up and alignment with the pack I’m currently working with. Then I usually spend the morning on development. I love that the Flutter platform is built in a declarative way! I can see version changes in only a few seconds, and hot reload is such a relief compared to native development! After all, my time is precious – I am regularly checking-in with the team. Whenever my fellow colleagues get stuck, I am the one to offer the best Flutter-related approach, face to face when I’m in the office or through discord. By the end of the day when the Jira board is empty and we have tackled all the ‘it’s a feature not a bug’ discussions, then it is time for a beer!”

But wait… what does that mean, day-to-day?

Of course, a lot of Flutter mobile development for iOS and Android

Collaborate closely with other developers in finding the best solutions

Regularly discuss scope and user requirements with the project managers

I’ll try to provide Flutter-related tips & tricks I just learned in a Google CodeKitchen

Set-up and maintain build pipelines for rapid deployment to production

Help potential customers with providing your technical solution to solve their challenges

Have fun, and learn a lot while developing

What the pack needs from you:
You have at least 1-3 years of software development experience.

You have a solid background in mobile development with experience in cross-platform applications [Stack: Dart (Flutter), bits of iOS and Android native] and you are also a big Flutter advocate.

You have a background in development in general and you are eager to learn Flutter.

You are not afraid to quickly establish yourself as the go-to person for anything Flutter-related.

You are always eager to share your insights and guide your colleagues, especially in hands-on technical level.

You readily sink your teeth in anything that will help you grow.

You enjoy working on different, challenging projects.

Joining the pack

Working at Wolfpack means working together with over forty other talented, hungry developers. You will work closely together with Wolfpack’s project managers and your fellow project wolves. Our three core pillars are talent, performance and flexibility. We recruit IT talent early in their careers and give them the opportunity to develop, not only (in) software, but also in soft skills: both professionally and on a more personal level.

What we offer

A competitive salary;

Intelligent colleagues with similar technical backgrounds (both developers and project managers), so that you won’t be alone as ‘the one who knows computer stuff’;

Office based in Eindhoven, the Brainport region of the Netherlands;

A great place to work with (among other things) big screens, company notebook and flexible working hours.

About Company

Company: Wolfpack

Company Location:  Eindhoven

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