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Job Description


Imagine all the hundreds of thousands of startups in the world, all of them so different: with different founders and product ideas, based in different locations, on different stages, with different go-to-market strategies and metrics… Now imagine all the tens of thousands of investors , each of them with their unique preferences regarding a startup’s location, industry, founders working experience, growth rate, stage… Now, wouldn’t it be great if we were able to tell, for each of those startups, the handful of investors they match with perfectly well ? It would be amazing, and that is exactly what FounderNest does.

FounderNest is a Silicon Valley early-stage startup leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) to radically change how Venture Capital investors discover startup gems to invest in. We are the secret reason why 75% of VCs will use AI to make investment decisions by 2025 . For this, we have raised two funding rounds from some of the best investors in Silicon Valley and around the globe (the same ones that funded Paypal, Waze, Palantir, Square, or Pinterest) and are supported by a top-tier advisory board.

We are looking for a Head of Engineering to help us grow to the next level. We have already validated the hunger for our product and are starting to monetize and grow at an unprecedented rate. As we shoot for a Series A, we want an ambitious, experienced, and passionate Head of Engineering to drive our tech people and processes closer to excellence.

What you will do

You’ll decide on how teams are better organized and how they will operate, helping establish their objectives, and measuring their performance. You’ll find and remove any bottlenecks impeding our teams.

You’ll be working at a product-driven company, designing and implementing lean product-building processes that will allow us to iterate quickly and efficiently.

You’ll be a key contributor to our Engineering culture and will constantly push to increase the quality level at which we operate.

You’ll ensure the team is comfortable and each person has the tools they need to thrive and grow at FounderNest. You’ll help define and evolve our 1on1 processes to keep the team happy and productive.

You’ll be leading our Engineering hiring efforts, by setting hiring guidelines, sourcing and interviewing top candidates, and hiring and retaining them as we scale 2x-3x over the next 12 months.

We know that talent attracts talent. We’d love for you to help bring on board the people you’ve most enjoyed working with.

You won’t be afraid to roll up your sleeves and dive into our codebase to find new tools, processes, or technologies that will make us move faster or more robustly.

You’ll help us build a strong technical brand, that helps us put FounderNest’s Engineering on the map.

You’ll grow quickly with the company. We want you to grow into a VP of Engineering.

In 1 month

You’ll have completed the onboarding and will already know all of the team. You will understand most of the concepts in the industry and will have helped detect some processes that can be improved. You’ll have started proposing new metrics to track the Engineering team.

In 3 months

You’ll already have earned the trust of the whole Engineering team and all the people that work with you. You’ll be running your first processes as a hiring manager. You’ll have started implementing improvements to existing processes. You’ll have shown your technical knowledge by unblocking a team member with a code / infrastructure problem.

In 6 months

You’ll already be a reference within FounderNest. You’ll have successfully hired several top-notch engineers and will already be helping all the veteran team members thrive. You’ll have already implemented a few new processes E2E to make us more efficient. You’ll be the complete owner of the Engineering team metrics, which you’ll use every day to make decisions and propose changes. You’ll be constantly looking for ways to create exponential value for FounderNest.

FounderNest has a horizontal structure and it is organized in two multidisciplinary squads, each of them focused on a target user. Communication and feedback are paramount, so you will have recurrent 1on1s with Jose (CTO) and all the people you work with. Besides, transparency is key for us, so apart from the monthly meetings, where the whole company gathers to discuss strategy, we have weekly meetings where we share progress and challenges, as a team.

Despite working remotely since the pandemic started, there is a great atmosphere within the team, which is super valuable, and the reason why we want all the team members to be part of the hiring processes.

We know the importance of learning and innovation, and that is the reason why we have a 90/10 policy in place: each team member can devote 10% of their time (usually a Friday every other week) to innovate and grow professionally. Furthermore, the Engineering team members self-organize in Guilds to work on (and promote) technical topics of their interest, like Software Architecture, Web Components or Kubernetes.

‍ ‍ ‍ Who will be your teammates

FounderNest’s team is composed of 19 amazing people, out of which 6 work in Engineering and 3 in Product. These will be some of your day-to-day colleagues:

José (CTO & co-founder): startups, technology, and AI lover, and the main architect behind FounderNest’s products. He is always at the cutting-edge!

Ricardo (Front-End Lead): author of most of FounderNest’s front-end and an expert in all things React. Only pixel-perfect designs pass his quality assessments.

Miguel (COO/CPO & co-founder): our main Product reference and the brilliant mind behind our great UX. Nobody cares more about our users!

Quique (Product Manager): passionate about new technologies, entrepreneurship, and new tech business ideas. Twice an entrepreneur, now he is pushing the Product vision forward.

Samuel (Senior Software Engineer): back-end magician and seasoned developer with all his working experience in startups. There is no problem where Samu cannot help you.

When will you do it

We trust that you are the one that knows yourself better, and both morning and evening people are welcome in FounderNest. For this reason, we have a flexible schedule policy: you are free to organize your own time.

Besides, we have a flexible vacation policy: you can take as many vacation days as you need, as long as you coordinate with your team.

Where will you do it

Now, and until the situation is safe with the COVID, this position is fully remote. Afterward, we would like to get back to the office, where the best work and the human connection happens, in Madrid, with flexibility for occasional remote work.

100% remote, with occasional trips to Madrid, is also an option.

What FounderNest is looking for

Ideally, we are looking for someone that meets the following requirements:

You’ve led fast-paced Engineering teams in similar startup roles. +3-5 years experience in the management track is ideal.

You know how to attract, retain and grow the best talent. You’ve hired A+ engineers in previous companies and helped them reach their full potential.

You’ve experienced (whether as a manager or an engineer) a fast growth phase in a startup. You’ve seen the hurdles of a fast-scaling team and learned how to avoid them.

We’re looking for Zinedine Zidane : a great engineer who understands the technology and processes, that has then become a great manager of future stars.

You have worked closely with Product leadership to build the Product vision and make it real.

You have experience building and working with empowered Product teams .

You have outstanding communication and presentation skills, especially around complex data-driven topics.

You are familiar with how Venture Capital works.

You can comfortably lead meetings and deliver presentations in English.

Bonus points

You have experience running remote teams across geographies and even cultures.

You’ve worked with JS front-end frameworks, specially React.

You know NodeJS well.

You have experience with training, testing and deploying Machine Learning models.

You’re very familiar with automated tests. Jest, Mocha and Playwright would be a plus.

You’ve built and maintained databases, specially relational ones. Postgres would be a plus.

You know and have used Business Intelligence tools, such as Metabase.

You understand CI/CD, build and deployment tools (e.g. Bitbucket Pipelines), and monitoring systems.

Experience with Kubernetes, Docker or containers in general.

What FounderNest offers

A very competitive salary, depending on your experience, between 70k€ – 80k€ .

The chance to be part of an amazing startup’s journey.

Flexible schedule and vacations.

Support for your own growth, through internal presentations/workshops and external events participation (conferences, meetups, webinars…)

Stock options, because we want you to own FounderNest’s success.

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