HR Director Job in Paris (75) at Paradox –

Wait a minute.

Wouldn’t it be great if we created a company where we really wanted to work? A unique high performing culture, where people do great things together.

Contrary to a lot of companies, for us the HR director is a true partner, a true business building partner.

Paradox is pursuing greatness, being comfortable with the idea of embracing change, and experimenting with new approaches ( even if it means being criticized for it )

Maybe like us, you are inspired by learning from the best practices of the greatest companies in the world, implementing what’s aligned with us, and transforming Paradox into a Culture Lab, that will shine and inspire other companies in the years to come.

Deep inside you are looking for a new adventure with…

Freedom : feeling free to work remotely or hybrid and being trusted to deliver

Ambition : growing up surrounded by smart colleagues driven to create something big

Impact : contributing to transform people lives at scale

And you deserve it because you are a Top Gun Head of People / HR Director

We are inspired by implementing so many HR things to make Paradox one of the greatest companies on earth.

If that inspires you, then, you have found the next adventure that will fulfill you.

This is a full time position, working remotely from your home or from our beautiful offices in Paris, Dubai or Barcelona soon


We are convinced that people don’t want a job anymore!

They are thirsty for a project with meaning, either through entrepreneurship, or intrapreneurship

But…making it happen is quite hard without finding what truly inspires you and learning the soft skills you need to get there : productivity, leadership, public speaking, coaching, stress management…

This is why we craft trainings & educational content to provide a set of tools and strategies centered around soft skills, self-growth and performance.

We deliver through apps, e-learning platforms, events and a strong social media presence.

Paradox has one goal: to help people and organizations live their true ambition

The challenge is that some people experience learning as boring, too hard, or on the contrary : for losers.

Yeah, we all experienced that boring teacher or stumble on this video with unsubstantiated/crazy theories

It needs to change!!

So we travel the world with learning designers, and researchers and surround ourselves with top entrepreneurs ( Richard Branson, Marc Simoncini, Fred Mazzella ), top athletes (Mike Horn, Frank Leboeuf), artists (Gad Elmaleh, Barry Osborne, producer of Lord of the Rings and Matrix)… to reverse engineer their strategies.

️Our ambition is to make our trainings and coaching as attractive as watching Netflix and to make success the only option for our clients. (whatever success means for them)

So far, this approach has paid off and has enabled us to exceed 2 million followers on social networks, and to organize online events and training courses attended by thousands of people.

But we wanted more, so we created 2 new brands with international ambitions.

And with them we have 3 dreams :
Helping 100 000 people achieve 1 dream and stick their pictures on a wall we call the 100 000 dreams WALL

Have Will Smith and Richard Branson in our next documentary

Reinvent Education & Create a badass platform to develop yourself

And that’s where you come in.


Your main mission will be to create/develop a unique high-performing culture, figuring out how to sustain and develop the creative spirit and extraordinary level of performance as the company scales – aligned with “great place to work” vision.

You will be part of the Executive Committee members ( COMEX in French ).

1. Shape and deliver a people and org strategy, supporting growth and made for attracting and retaining talent

Structure and optimize career paths, and salary/incentive grids

Advise operational staff on all areas of HR (social legislation, career paths, recruitment, training, support, remuneration, etc.)

Implement/Manage performance improvement plans and salary review processes

Design the Short term & long term road map to make Paradox more efficient: talent recruitment, team organization, career development management and training plan, talent retention, manager coaching, corporate culture…

2. People Development – install a Culture of Growth & Learning in order to design a workplace where colleagues thrive.

Improve performance by focusing on personal growth instead of ratings and rewards

Implement Training programs (e-learning tools, training, workshops…) and Structure team support (training, coaching, guides)

Support and coach managers in all day-to-day management issues

Implement internal Coaching & Help managers become manager-coaches.

Build a Learning Institution by Developing the Paradox Academy

3. Reinforce the Paradox culture and values ( Drive, Freedom, Growth over ego & Impact ) – Build and animate a strong and differentiating culture in a creative way

Strengthen the well-being of teams ( Team Building, Christmas Party, Facilitate remote work, sport together…

Create a Culture Deck & Internal Training on our culture

To give you our vision of the culture we are inspired by and want to build with you :

We want open, clear, and constant communication about the work to be done

We want people to practice radical honesty about how to improve

We want people to have strong, fact-based opinions and to debate them avidly and test them rigorously.

We want people to base their actions on what is best for the customer and the company, not on attempts to prove themselves right.

We want hiring managers to take the lead in preparing their teams for the future by making sure they have high performers with the right skills in every position.

4. Talent Density – Systematize Talent Acquisition in order to Attract and Detect the best talent in line with our culture and achieve a talent density of 90% A Players

With the help of a Talent Acquisition Manager :
Improve recruitment and sourcing, and document best practices

Manage the recruitment budget and define best strategies

Build an internal headhunting firm

Promote the employer brand (Make Paradox extremely visible and attractive)

Make Paradox a People Lab and Communicate on what’s working at Paradox

5. People Ops & System – Create an awesome Employee Experience

With the help of People Ops Manager (to be hired) you will :
Ensure HR legal compliance & Personnel Administration activity

Structure, document and systematize the entire HR process (hiring, onboarding, offboarding, performance reviews, performance improvement plan)

Implement HRIS and other best-in-class HR Tools: you will maximize the HRIS possibilities to automate as many tasks as possible and generating dashboards


Must have :
Proven track record in HR functions – ( Chief People Officer, HR Director, Head of people, Hr Manager ) ideally in a start-up environment of more than 50 people

Leadership – You inspire people to follow you, you have strength of conviction, you lead by your ability to build strong relationships across the whole company, you quickly gain the trust of your colleagues and demonstrate a high level of emotional intelligence

Obvious interpersonal skills: you like human contact, adapt naturally to your interlocutors and you know how to create a quality link

Analytical Mind : you challenge your assumptions, are able to quickly identify and formulate problems, and support your analysis with data

System oriented – In this job you will build solid systems as Paradox scales, so we need concrete examples showing that you’ve done this already

Digital Savvy – can setup tools ie ATS, HR Tools, at ease with Airtable, Notion


Drive & Problem Solver : You’re ambitious, You work hard because you love it, you own things and get them done

Analytical Mind : you challenge your assumptions, able to quickly identify and formulate problems, and support your analysis with data

Growth over Ego : You are eager to learn, and receive hard feedback to grow. You let others speak and seek to understand their viewpoints.

Team Player : you love to work as a team, share and win together. ( Victory and Failure are “We” words )

Strong Desire to create Woww


We are inspired by a culture of performance and ambition. We have a very startup-oriented culture where everything is fast-paced and there is a lot of change. You won’t always be told what to do or how to do it

We tell each other things, even if they are uncomfortable. We value growth over ego. At Paradox, expressing disagreement to a manager and knowing how to debate is valued! We encourage critical and strategic thinking.

If all this makes sense with you, then we’ll love working with you (and you with us, you’ll be pampered!)


This is an incredibly varied role with a significant opportunity to have a huge impact and make a fundamental difference. You will be granted trust, autonomy, and freedom to deliver results whilst working as part of a highly collaborative team.

A work with Impact, Freedom and Ambition

Growth & Ambition

  • > Being surrounded by A-players who strive to perform whilst being in a good mood
  • > No more bosses, but ongoing conversations to support your growth
  • > ️Being part of an ambitious company synonymous with opportunities for evolution!

Competitive Salary

But you don’t just want a competitive paycheck, you also want…

Impact & Meaning

  • > Playing a crucial role in the development of a company whose content and products are enjoyed by millions of people
  • > Waking up in the morning feeling like you are making a difference is something!

We receive messages every day from clients who have successfully lost weight, quit smoking, reach a mile stone in their business, built better relationships, and made positive changes in their lives.

But that’s not all, we believe that driven people deserve…

Freedom & Well Being

  • > A company culture based on autonomy & accountability
  • > Flexible working hours
  • > A remote culture from day one with the freedom to work from wherever you want
  • > Magnificent office in Dubai, Paris, Barcelona – it feels like home 🙂
  • > Standing desks paid by the company if you live far from our offices
  • > Work on Mac, for us it counts 🙂
  • > 350€ per year paid by the company to take care of yourself ( for your gym, or dance class or whatever make you feel great)
  • > Annual team building / Team retreats to get together – you receive your plane ticket to join us by the pool and have a good time together, or brainstorm the next crazy challenge.

And as Yannick, our community manager, says:
To make a long story short, Paradox is a growth adventure on steroids, an adventure where you grow personally, whilst helping others do the same.


Any copy-pasted and non-personalized application goes directly to the trash can.

To complete the recruitment process, each candidate must organize calls with his or her previous managers. If you are not comfortable with this : do not apply

If all this sounds good to you, come and write the next chapter with us

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