Level 1 Delay Attributor Job at Arriva in London

Job Description


Location: Romford ROC & Palestra (Southwark)

Main purpose of role:
To undertake the delay attribution processes on behalf of ARL to correctly determine the root cause of delays and help identify underlying trends to focus on for improvement.

To process all TRUST incidents assigned to ARL & ARL on TfL’s behalf, seeking validation of the incident and attribution, and following up with train crew or other staff where the root cause of the delay is unknown

Undertake Compass root cause coding as determined by the Attribution Co-Ordinator and On-Time Performance Manager

Operate the GSM-R terminal to assist with train service management

Main responsibilities:
Monitor TRUST incidents and attribution of delays to TRUST incidents, follow up and investigate as appropriate.

Interrogate all TRUST threshold delays, seeking clarification on root causes through the requesting of driver and other staff reports.

Complete the acceptance of delays awaiting reports or recoding depending on the feedback from reports or the events timing out

Challenge attribution tactfully and within authority when dealing with other parties including Network Rail.

Ensure that all incidents are correctly attributed to root cause, that reactionary delay is closely monitored, validated and correctly attributed.

Take appropriate escalation actions where resolution cannot be completed

Use all available control/IT systems to aid attribution

Operate the GSM-R terminal to assist with service recovery as directed by the Train Service Controllers


Key Safety responsibilities and safety training requirements

(General safety responsibilities)

Your general safety responsibilities are covered in the Employee Safety Manual. You are responsible for making yourself familiar with the contents of the Employee Safety Manual. If there is anything in the Manual you do not understand, or if you are not clear which parts of the manual apply to you, you must contact your line manager for clarification

All employees must have a basic understanding of fire safety unless their role requires them to have more specialised training. You must successfully complete the fire safety training within three months of your appointment to your position

You must receive a safety induction from your manager which includes the following local information:

Location of safety notice board

Location of accident book

First aid arrangements

Location of fire equipment, including fire alarms and extinguisher

It is your responsibility to make sure you familiarise yourself with these arrangements and that you refresh that knowledge on a regular basis

The safety notice board contains much of the information you need. You should check the notice board on a regular basis


Person specification: (Please state if item is essential or desirable)


Operational experience within a control environment or operations role.


Knowledge of operating procedures, rules and regulations.

An understanding of unit and driver workings and the implications of displacement.

Knowledge of contingency plans and service recovery plans and principles.

A good knowledge of the fleets operating on the network.

Understanding of the Route timetable.

Knowledge of Train Operating Companies and routes.

Good geographical knowledge of applicable Route.

General understanding of commercial/ business picture within Network Rail and TOCs.

Skills and competencies:

An attention to detail and understanding of how that can shape the bigger picture

An inquisitive mind, with a methodical and logical thought process to seek out answers


Demonstrable skill in the use of Microsoft Office package and ARL and NR Control specific software.

Good team working skills and ability to make objective decisions.

Able to influence others and work under pressure.

Job Summary

Level 1 Delay Attributor


London, London, United Kingdom

Job Group:
Rail Transport

Type of Contract:
Full Time

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