Job Description


Our objective

GETMIPULPA begins from November 2020 a phase of very strong growth in its workforce thanks to the arrival of several teams worldwide: from 30 full-time interns today to a target of 120 in the next 2 months. You’ll work with our remote Marketing Team.

Most traditional organizations focus on a person’s fit with the job description. We focus on a discovery process to answer one fundamental question: Are we meant to journey together?

And more than ever, with the impressive growth of e-commerce caused by the coronavirus crisis, we need to quickly surround ourselves with many talents.

Your missions

Define and Implement your self-managed marketing strategy by selecting a role that motivates you and challenges you

Participate in empowering regional team members to feel each other out and establish if the fit will work well for the team

Supporting the roles in our marketing team by encouraging parties to be as truthful as possible with each other

Feel ok with an environment in which there is little predict & control, and more sense and respond

Feel comfortable with an environment where colleagues are expecting each other to be open and vulnerable

What we offer

You define your own salary

The opportunity to join a rapidly accelerating startup

In 3 years you will be able to say: “I was there when we were 25”

Many perks, team lunches, dinners and evenings …

what we DON’T want

someone who is a chronic complainer

who is not happy

who blames others

who doesn’t take responsibility

who’s not honest

who doesn’t trust other people.

someone who needs specific direction and waits to be told what to do.

someone who wasn’t flexible and who says, “It’s not my job.”


We want to see a real person. A sense of authenticity: who you are when you are not at work is who we are when we are at work.

you qualify based on fit for our organization, purpose and role

A major point in fit for our organization is passion for learning

You have at least a broad experience in Marketing

You master the Marketing applied to the Digital world

You have excellent oral and written communication skills

You have a perfect command of English, both written and spoken.

You have an interest in Foodtech and the world of impact driven startups


1. Screening of the CV

2. Call for Pre-Qualification

3. In person or remote appointment: real cases and personality interview with every potential hire getting a two-hour introduction to self- management

4. Informal meeting with 5 to 7 getmipulpa colleagues. After this last step, a hiring proposal usually follows within 24 hours 🙂

You want to join us? Tell us who you are, what you’ve done and what you want to do. We would be happy to meet you.


Contract Type: Full-Time

Start Date: 02 November 2020

Location: Paris, France (75013)

Education Level: Master’s Degree

Experience: > 2 years

Possible partial remote

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Company Location:  Paris (75)