Mobile Infrastructure Engineer Jobs in San Francisco, CA at Automattic

Title: Mobile Infrastructure Engineer

Company: Automattic

Location: San Francisco, CA

Salary: $80K – $100K*

Category: Consumer Technology

Job Description

We want you to help us take WordPress, Simplenote, and other native apps for iOS and Android to the next level. We want people to be able to blog and manage their site or shop wherever they are on their mobile devices, taking advantage of the things that make our mobile devices our most important ones such as media and notifications. We work closely with multi-functional product teams to improve the WordPress experience on phones and tablets — both the apps and their underlying APIs and systems.

About you:

You are passionate about releasing software reliably and on schedule so that your teammates can focus on building great apps.

You love collaborating in code reviews and discussions about architecture or design.

You’re motivated to help your teammates become more productive.

You’re passionate about refining tooling for faster builds, a reliable CI, and automated code reviews.

You have extensive experience with build systems for both Android and iOS.

You’re knowledgeable about design patterns and testability – experience with XCUI / Espresso, performance testing, unit testing, and device farms is a plus.

Extra credit:

PHP, REST API, and WordPress backend programming experience.

Experience with mobile development for iOS and/or Android.

Familiar with Electron app development, or packaging and distribution.

Experience with React Native development.

Open source contributions.

You’re involved in open source or other communities.

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Valid through: 7/16/2020


About Automattic

Automattic, Inc. is a web development corporation founded in August 2005. It is most notable for WordPress.com (a free blogging service), as well as its contributions to WordPress (open source blogging software). The companys name plays on its founders first name, Matt. The company has 478 employees. Its culture was the topic of a participative journalism project by Scott Berkun, entitled The Year Without Pants: WordPress.com and the Future of Work. Automattic raised US$317.3 million in five funding rounds. In the last round, on May 2014, the company was valued at US$1.16 billion USD.