Operator I- Chalmette, LA Job at Veolia – 3.5 in Chalmette, LA

Job Description

(Brief description of position and its purpose to the organization.)

This is a key position in the Veolia organization. The individual has successfully passed the criteria and has approximately 1½ years

industry experience. The individual will be assigned to a primary service line but is expected to learn other service lines.

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: (This list is intended to show ongoing primary duties. Employee may be expected to perform other duties as


1. Responsible for operating and maintaining all equipment associated with the individual’s primary service line. The ability to

operate and maintain other service line equipment is strongly desired and will weigh heavily during annual review and further

promotion within OIS.

2. Performs Hazard Recognition Awareness to remove all hazards from the workplace.

3. Responsible for setting up and performing his/her job.

4. Drives company vehicles with valid license. If DOT driver, complies with all DOT regulations and record-keeping.

5. Inspects company vehicles, equipment and tools before leaving the yard and after returning to the yard. Reports deficiencies to

appropriate management personnel. (Pre and post trip inspection reports)

6. Promotes the company’s business by conducting work assignments in a professional and safe manner.

7. Reports to work on scheduled time. If unable to show-up for assigned work, notifies supervisor no less than 24 hours in advance of

scheduled time. Wears a company pager or near person at all times.

8. Assists in project planning of jobs including on-site inspections, writing procedures, specifying equipment and chemicals, etc.

9. Communicates the status of the assigned job to division management and customer representatives (before, during and after the job

is completed).

10. Maintains a working knowledge of all services and product lines provided by the division.

11. Recommends changes and improvements to services and product lines based on job experiences and observations.

12. Assists in performing field maintenance on company vehicles, equipment and tools, on a daily basis.

13. Provide complete and accurate Job Service Receipts and Job Logs to required VES-IS managers/salesman.

14. Assists Technician(s) in the performance of their duties and responsibilities.

15. Responsible for hookup and breakdown of equipment using proper tools and procedure.

16. Reads work orders for assigned job and designates proper hoses, chemicals and other equipment required for assigned job. If

unsure, seek advice of Supervisor or Salesman.

17. Inspects equipment, hoses, connection, pumps and general work area prior to starting job. Corrects deficiencies which may cause

accidents, injuries, lost productivity or which are consistent with the work order or customer’s requirements.

18. Operates all company equipment when authorized and qualified to do so in accordance with company rules, plant rules and work


19. Completes service log, service receipts and other paperwork associated with the work performed. Returns completed paperwork to

designated supervisory personnel.

20. Wears the personal protective equipment prescribed by posted signs, established operating procedures, written instructions, and

work permits. Also, wears additional protective equipment specified by the customer’s Safety Department. Enforces use of

required safety equipment by technicians and subcontractors.

21. Cleans up work area and equipment after work is complete. Assists in maintaining a safe, clean work place, change room, locker

area and customer’s plant.

22. Ensures equipment is properly decontaminated at end of job.

23. Responsible for safety under his/her authority. Reports all accidents, near misses and/or injuries involving self, company vehicles

or persons under supervision. Promotes safety through own pro-actions and work activities.

24. Performs all other duties as assigned.



1. 1 year minimum experience in industry if not previously employed by OIS.

2. Ability to understand verbal and written instructions in English.

3. Basic math skill.

4. Skilled and qualified in primary service line.

5. Good equipment knowledge.

6. Good communication skills, written and oral.

7. Perform work in enclosed (confined) space, under close supervision.

8. Pass an annual written examination during annual review period.

9. The ability to operate and maintain other than primary service line equipment will be considered for advancement to Crew Leader.

10. Possess and Maintain as a miniumum, CDL Class B license or higher.


1. Pass a medical and drug test.

2. Physically capable of performing all duties and responsibilities assigned. Specifically, lift 50 pounds.

3. Ability to work in adverse work conditions, varying from very hot to very cold.

4. Able to work in very wet environments as well as very dry environments.

5. Physically capable of standing, shoveling and performing other types of physical work for long periods of time.

6. Capable of working long shifts under adverse conditions (Possible 12 hr shifts)

7. Medically and physically capable of wearing respirator while performing the above listed work.

8. 100% ability to stay focused on surrounding hazards at all times while performing job requirements in extremely hazardous work

environments (i.e. steel mills, power plants, refineries, chemical plants, etc).


1. Must be accurate, consistent and timely in required paperwork.

2. No more than 1 unexcused absences in a 12-month period.

3. Has no serious safety violations in a 12-month period. (i.e., confined space, horseplay, Lockout/Tagout)

4. Has no more than 2 customer complaints in a 12-month period.

5. Is proficient in equipment operations and maintenance by consensus of Operations Manager and Division Manager.

6. Recommended by supervision and management after passing OIS Supervisor training.

High school diploma or equivalent strongly desired.

Work Experience: (Identify prior work experience required for the position and quantify in number of years.)

Approximately 1½ years industry experience.


Operation / Maintenance / Transport Utility

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United States-Louisiana-Chalmette

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Oct 14, 2021, 4:33:17 PM

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