Paid Media Manager – Social Job at DQNA – in Cape Town, Western Cape

Job Description

The Media Manager will be spending our clients digital budgets wisely within the real time bidding (RTB), paid social and paid search environment. Traders are required to know where best to buy inventory / online audiences for clients using demand side platforms / social platforms / paid search platforms and ensuring that client goals & ROI’s are met.

So what is a Media Manager?

Media Managers are responsible for maximising our advertisers digital budgets according to their required goals. Simply, Media Managers will be responsible for defining / creating digital RTB, paid social & paid search strategies, implementing this in platforms, and spending a predetermined budget – all to ensure client’s digital goals are met & that they see a full return on digital investment. You will need to understand how to buy inventory via various technologies at what price, inventory, audiences and programmatic strategies that will result in a successful campaign that meets the client’s overall business goals. This position is one of the few around South Africa and will be a major step in your online career.

Works closely with Internal Country Consultants on strategic digital strategies

Closely interacts with International Media Buying Consultancy and Account Management teams

Knowledge and experience


Must have a passion for digital marketing and wanting to build a career within the digital space

Minimum 2 year experience in buying media via demand side platforms as well as social platforms

Experience with working on ad-servers – eg. Campaign Manager, Sizmek, Adform

Experience in management of digital accounts with a ROI focus

Experience in managing digital campaigns with performance driven goals

Experience with managing digital campaigns for video & mobile

Must know how to work with budgets and how to allocate them effectively across different types of online media

Experience with Google Analytics and how to implement & interpret data

Ability to troubleshoot tech issues within buying platforms and present solutions

Must have the ability to understand and interpret the strategy and execute this within the applicable platforms

Ability to analyze campaigns & implement strategy based on findings

Ability to conduct post-campaign analysis and to present that to country teams / client

Ability to build reporting templates which is suited for client

Outstanding ability to think creatively, strategically, and identify and resolve problems

Ability to work closely with senior team members & consultants to take direction with campaigns

Very diligent – staying on top of the details

Ability to succeed in a fast paced, entrepreneurial environment

Strong organizational and time management skills

Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Bachelor’s degree or diploma in Marketing


Experience working in a Media Agency within PPC/Google Ads/Search

Experience within Google Campaign Manager (CM)

Experience with working in a SSP or exchanges

Experience within the affiliate / Lead Generation sector

Experience within Google Tag Manager 360 or any other tag management tool


Good technical communicator – be able to turn complexity into simplicity

Passion for online advertising technology

Autonomous, proactive and resourceful

Self-motivated and driven individual

Cool under pressure

Being able to take direction & working closely with team members & consultants

Being able to share knowledge with team


Employ Strategic Campaign set up with sufficient research and following direction given by country consultant

Working closely with internal & external Consultants, Account Managers and Clients to develop and implement Media Buying strategies

Working closely with CM team to ensure seamless integration with full GMP stack clients

Being able to troubleshoot issues within CM and presenting solutions

Build and traffic campaigns in DSP platforms including desktop, mobile, video – platforms are not limited to just one

Analyse campaign performance and make recommendations for optimization

Regular review of performance of campaigns across revenue, performance and pacing

Ensure campaign delivery against revenue goals and Key Performance Indicators as established with the client and consultants

Daily reporting and monitoring of campaigns to ensure performance goals and revenue objectives are met

To ensure best practice RTB & buying techniques are employed at all times

Being able to interpret data outside of programmatic & delivering holistic overview to client

Ability to check different channel behaviour & impact of various channels on digital campaign performance eg. how does paid search influence performance on display / social

Proactively seek new opportunities within programmatic space

Ensure all correct revenues and media costs are reported on a monthly basis.

Ensure all administration is accurate and up to date

Being able to motivate oneself & to continue self development

Collaboration with Client Manager

Close daily collaboration with consultants & client manager to understand client’s goals and needs, communicating campaign metrics and performance to Sales and Client as needed;

Campaign performance analysis and presentation to client manager and / or consultant for all campaigns

First level of troubleshooting and triage on technical and performance related issues

Collaboration with Development teams

Provide feedback and support to product management based on usage of NMPi MG proprietary technology platforms to help drive improvements and quality

Work regularly with R&D team on giving real-time product improving feedback as well as collaborating with them on new campaign optimization techniques


The Media Buyer is able to independently set up and execute online campaigns for all international customers, in close accordance with the responsible client executive.

Key competencies and work ethic

Exceptional communication skills both written and verbal

Display professional and example behaviour at all times

Specialized knowledge – have worked in a serious, thoughtful and sustained way to master the specialized knowledge needed to succeed in their fields; and that they keep this knowledge up-to-date, so that they can continue to deliver the best work possible.

Competency – Professionals get the job done. They’re reliable, and they keep their promises. If circumstances arise that prevent them from delivering on their promises, they manage expectations up front, and they do their best to make the situation right. Professionals don’t make excuses, but focus on finding solutions.

Gets the job done with a can do attitude

Displays honesty and integrity (http://www.mindtools.com/pages/article/integrity.htm) at all times

Be accountable for their actions even when making mistakes

Show respect for the people around them, no matter what their role or situation.

They exhibit a high degree of emotional intelligence (http://www.mindtools.com/pages/article/newLDR_63.htm) (EI) by considering the emotions and needs of others, and they don’t let a bad day impact how they interact with colleagues or clients.

Project a positive attitude at all times towards clients team members and motivate team members when they are less positive.

Display strong interpersonal skills. Ability to build strong relationships with clients and colleagues; display a strong team spirit.

Maintain the highest standards of delivery, productivity and effectiveness at all times

Organized and detail oriented

Display focus and dedication at all times

Be approachable and open to constructive criticism

Exceptional time management skills and ability to prioritize high volume of projects simultaneously in a fast paced unpredictable environment.

Ability to remain calm and thrive under pressure

Strong problem solving skills

Display a high level independence.

This includes but is not limited to taking decisions independently while staying within the company guidelines; Proactive attitude; staying self-motivated; being self-reliant; continuous self-development without expecting to be taken by the hand.

Display a hunger for knowledge and a willingness to learn for any situation

Respect, appreciate and contribution towards decision making

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