Patient Care Coordinator Jobs in Johns Creek at Emory Healthcare

Title: Patient Care Coordinator

Company: Emory Healthcare

Location: Johns Creek

Job DescriptionDescription

This position supports The Emory Clinic outpatient operations with overall care coordination for patients, serving as their primary point of contact for all customer service, administrative and scheduling needs.

They act as the liaison for the patient and family, working with both administrative and clinical staff from multiple departments to improve the patient’s overall experience with Emory Healthcare.

Position enhances the patient experience by serving as the primary point of contact and administrative care coordinator for established patients and/or family members.

They ensure that all related patient appointments for an episode of care are secured in a timely manner and coordinated for patient convenience and address and resolve process or administrative issues impeding timely access to care.

Responsible for collaborating with physicians and members of the care delivery team to triage, coordinate and consistently manage the patient care experience.

Position works with patients and families to answer questions, provide emotional support and resolve issues concerning the administrative coordination of their care.

Administratively coordinates care for established patients and serves as the primary point of care for these patients and their families.

Develops and coordinates a system which organizes the flow of patients from initial appointment through completion of their care experience.

Collaborates with nursing and physician teams to ensure appropriate appointments are secured in a timely manner.

This would include return visit coordination, Surgery and ancillary appointment scheduling.

Works collaboratively with the nursing team to ensure timely return of clinical phone calls.

Applies advanced interpersonal and communication skills in all interactions with patients, clinical personnel, administrative personnel and care providers.

Demonstrates attitudes and behaviors which contribute to the smooth coordination of care and enhances each patient’s experience with Emory.

Treats all individuals with dignity and respect and participates in activities to improve working relationships within the section.

Actively participates in section activities such as staff meetings, supervisory meetings, patient satisfaction meetings etc.

Manages workload and assignments effectively.

Adapts well to changes and priority level of duties.

Demonstrates flexibility with section and organizational need.

Serves as a role model of excellent customer service.

Responds constructively to the needs of all those he/ she interacts with on a daily basis.

Assesses and monitors customer satisfaction and responds promptly to voiced and identified concer.

Acts as an administrative resource/expert for all staff in the coordination of a patient’s care.

Communicates with staff complimentary/constructive feedback from self and others.

Works collaboratively with section and Emory Clinic management in implementing strategies to see a statistically significant increase in patient satisfaction results each quarter.

Works collaboratively with section management to actively investigate and remedy patient complaints received from within the staff, physicians, patient relations and members of other departments.

Works closely with patient relation’s representatives.

Assists section management in monitoring customer satisfaction.

Performs all other duties as assigned

Minimum Qualifications

12 months of work experience in a patient care coordination or patient s…