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Nativo is a fast-growing company based in Madrid and Milan specialized in vacation rentals management, it offers a complete solution to owners and businesses that want to maximize the income generated by their properties.

Currently managing more than 150 properties, besides fully managing vacation rentals we help investors selecting and decorating their properties.

We promote our listings in +10 global platforms, we develop a tailor-made data-based pricing strategy, we ensure hotel cleaning standards and we assist our guest before, during and after their stay.

At the core of what we do is the belief that profitability is directly proportional to the quality of the guest experience we offer. This is why we are committed to offering a unique, local travel experience: we want to disrupt the hotel industry that has proved unable to fulfill the needs of a new generation of travelers.

Nativo’s mission is to make each property as profitable as possible while offering an authentic and outstanding guest experience. Our mantra? Think globally and act locally.


Our Property Manager Supporters are basically our heroes, they collaborate with our Property Managers and they are in charge of all our properties during night hours and weekends.

Each Supporter has the responsibility to:

– Work side by side with our Property Managers in order to ensure the continuity of our services.

– Provide remote assistance (and sometimes in presence) for our guests and offer them a wonderful travel experience.

– Regular monitoring of communication streams with our guests and chat or call them in need.


Your work will be dedicated to communicating with Nativo’s guests in order to guarantee a perfect travel experience.

You need to know English and Spanish (fluent level) both written and spoken.


Organized and precise, you use an effective method to plan your work in advance taking also into account any emergencies that could occur at any moment.

An exceptional communicator! You can express yourself correctly in spoken and written form, you can easily summarize even the most complex topics and you always make sure that the listener has received your message clearly.

You are predisposed to hospitality, you love to amaze people even with small suggestions and precautions. You worry about respecting all people even those with a different culture from yours, you have particular sensitivity that allows you to interact also with people you don’t know.

A “tech-friendly” person who can quickly learn how new software and digital services work.

You are a curious person who always finds new solutions to make his work more efficient thanks to technological tools.

You have a basic knowledge of the DIY and ordinary maintenance of an apartment.

Our partners in the city will take care of all the repairs and the maintenance and sometimes you will be in charge of supervising their work.

You love to manage your work independently, you know how to organize deadlines with surgical precision. You do not let yourself be overwhelmed by the unexpected events but you react with flexibility to any eventuality.

A perfect colleague, always capable of energizing the team. You have a critical eye on your activities and those of your collaborators. You have good persuasive skills and people generally trust your opinion.

You feel a strong sense of responsibility for your work by putting body and soul into it. You have ambition and hunger for growth.

You are emotionally intelligent: people around you describe you as emphatic and a good listener. You can easily identify emotions and you can adapt your way of interacting with other people.


You also speak Italian and you live in the central area of Madrid (inside M30).

You already had experience in the hospitality business (or general property management expertise).

Drive license for the scooter is a plus and really appreciate.


We are looking for 2 different options:

  • Full time 45 hours: you will work Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 6 PM to 10 PM, from 10 PM to 1 AM you will guarantee your availability in case of emergency. During the weekend you will be available from 10 AM to 10 PM.
  • Full time 38 hours: you will work Monday and Tuesday from 6 PM to 10 PM, from 10 PM to 1 AM you will guarantee your availability in case of emergency. During the weekend you will be available from 10 AM to 10 PM.

*We know it is an unusual work schedule and we are looking for a person who can fit with this job without hesitation.

Annual compensation around 18.000/20.000€ based o seniority.

We want to create a dynamic working environment for our employees that promotes team spirit and individual development. You will be able to work remotely from your home or you could come to the office depending on your daily schedule.

By joining a fast-growing company such as Nativo, you’ll get a special chance to turbocharge your learning and career.

We’re young, informal, totally friendly, but also incredibly passionate and skilled.


The headquarter in Spain is located in a central barrio in Madrid (Puerta del Ángel) and all of our properties are scattered around the city center. Our Property Manager Supporters are free to work from their home and wherever they want 😉


To apply for this position send us your resume and a cover letter in which to answer these 3 questions:

  • Which are your favorite barrio in Madrid and how do you experience the city?
  • What are your best options between 38 hours and 45 hours per week?
  • How do you fit for this position?

Tipo de puesto: Jornada completa

Salario: 18.000,00€ a 20.000,00€ /año


  • Madrid, Madrid provincia (Requisito deseable)


  • Spanish (Requisito deseable)
  • English (Requisito deseable)
  • Italian (Requisito deseable)

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Company: Nativo

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