Research Intern – Risk and reliability in civil engineering Job at GeoMod SA in Lausanne, VD

Job Description


Probabilistic computational mechanics made considerable progress in the past 20 years. While probabilistic considerations are often underlying safety concepts in existing civil engineering norms, they do not enter systematically in the safety evaluation or optimization processes. The time for a stronger integration of probabilistic approaches into safety assessment procedures and computational mechanics in general seems appropriate.


The proposed project lies at the interface of probabilistic methods and failure analysis. Based on the work of earlier civil engineering EPFL trainees, the present project will concentrate on implementation in practice of specific approaches.

The trainee will be asked to develop pilot applications coupling UQLab (probabilistic toolbox) developed at ETHZ, with ZSOIL (failure analysis software), developed at Zace Services Ltd in Lausanne, under competent supervision.

More specifically the work will consist in:

– Assimilating the work already done on uncertainty propagation with UQLab and ZSOIL

– Formulation and implementation of Bayesian or optimization approaches for selected inverse problems


www.zsoil.com and www.uqlab.com


Strong interest in probabilistic and statistical methods, good understanding of structural mechanics

Job Types: Full-time, Temporary

Salary: CHF2,000.00 /month

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Company: GeoMod SA

Company Location:  Lausanne, VD

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