Security Install Engineer Jobs in Croydon – England – UK at Trinity Fire & Security Systems

Title: Security Install Engineer

Company: Trinity Fire & Security Systems

Location: Croydon – England – UK

Type: Full Time

Category: Sales, Engineering

Salary: Salary 27000 GBP Yearly GBP 27000 YEAR

Security Install Engineer

Location: London & Home Counties

Salary: £27,000-£34,000 DOE

“Without engineers, our business cannot continue to grow and succeed!”

-Your Regional Director

And yes, that’s a genuine quote straight from the very person running your region.

If you’re tired of working for a company that doesn’t seem to care, and you feel that you’re not treated with the respect, loyalty and support you all downright deserve, then you might want to consider working for us instead.

“Yeah yeah, everyone says that to get you on board! You’re no different to the rest!”

I virtually heard you through your phone then. Ok, how about this for a little reassurance:

Your manager, and their manager and…well everyone right up to the Directors started as an engineer. They’ve been there, they’ve worn the t-shirt (literally) and they all acknowledge the day-to-day graft. They understand they wouldn’t even have a business without engineers, so will do everything they can to ensure they have the best team onboard and keep them happy. Respect.

See what I just wrote about everyone starting as an engineer? The day to day grind is in fact the very thing that got each of them to where they are today. Everyone has a choice to love what they do, be passionate about the company they work for, to nurture things and see them grow. There is absolutely no reason why you couldn’t eventually be right up there with them, and one day hiring your own engineers of the future. The amount of internal promotions they have had to enable these new positions to become available is just a shining example of how they help develop and reward their team. Loyalty.

And lastly, I just mentioned above “develop” and “reward”. Two very vital things when it comes to your role and time with the company. Everything will be done to ensure you are getting the most out of your skillset and constantly improving. Be it training courses, new certificates or finessing more complicated systems.

Throughout the daily challenges, accomplishments, struggles and successes of your role, one thing is for sure – you are never alone, and you have a team of people working tirelessly in the background to make your job as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. Yes, they will keep your grey hairs and wrinkles at bay for longer. What company has ever offered that?!

But seriously, your region has dedicated schedulers to put you in the right place at the right time. You’ll rarely have to pay out of your own pocket for car parking tickets, travel or fuel. Your vehicle will never be more than a couple of years old and comes equipped with loads of gadgets, with enough room for all your tools (even ladders!) This is the kind of company where you can give a lot, and get a lot. Support.

Bet you didn’t think I could back up all the wishy washy stuff people usually try and get away with in a job advert, right?

Good, cus this ain’t no joke. There’s a reason why we are one of the most reputable Fire & Security businesses in the UK!

I won’t bother detailing the day to day responsibilities of a Security Install Engineer, because you’re already doing it, so you know exactly what to do. I can tell you that you will be working on some top, high-security sites which of course, I will talk to you about.

Location is London and Home Counties

I know you’re after the finer details, so give me …

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