Senior Embedded Software Engineer for Wireless Power Solutions Jobs in Chicago, IL at NuCurrent

Title: Senior Embedded Software Engineer for Wireless Power Solutions

Company: NuCurrent

Location: Chicago, IL

Salary: $100K — $150K + $0K—$0K bonus *

Category: Telecommunications & Hardware

Job Description

Company Description: NuCurrent is a leading technology and IP company in thehighgrowth field of wireless power and is emerging as the go-toprovider of wireless power solutions for the world’s leading product companies. Spanning across industries including auto, consumer, industrial, IoT, mobile, wearables and more, NuCurrent designs systems and key components for Fortune 500 companies and other industry leaders to enable wireless power transfer in new product releases. The Companysupportsproduct teams within large companiestobring wireless power innovationstomarket faster,withfewerrisks, lower costs and better technology, while pushing the boundaries of system performance, charge speed, user flexibility and form factors. NuCurrent is a fabless technology companywitha robust network of certified manufacturers and is an active leader in specification development acrossmultipleindustry standards bodies. NuCurrent has an energetic, purpose-drivenworkenvironment built by phenomenal people who go beyond expectations, arehighlycurious, deeply innovative and, above all, put customers first.

Primary Function:

Develop embedded softwaretooperate wireless power systems in industries spanning consumer electronics, automotive, industrial and medical.

Leador co-leadthe software development effort – from spec developmenttosoftware delivery – of product-ready software code in wireless power embedded systems.

Interactwithkey IC partnerstoallow for seamless integration of embedded code into wireless reference platforms.

Interactwithkey customers to integrate NuCurrent’s solution for embedded systems.

Essential Responsibilities:

Workwithhardware engineering teamtointegrate features that havehighdegreeof hardware/ software interaction.

Develop re-usable, modular, scalable embedded software that can be easily adopted into a diverse range of products.

Workwithmanagementtoestablish software timelines and ensure timely delivery of products.

Workcollaborativelywithstrategic IC partnerstointegrate embedded software solutions.

Contributetothe development of Intellectual Property.

Essential Knowledge and Skills:

Candidate must have strong programming skills in embedded C, specifically writing & optimizing software for 8to32 bit bare metal embedded systems.

Track record of shipping mixed-signal hardware including embedded micro-controllers.

Good written & verbal communications skills, good interpersonal skills, and comfortable talking in front of management, key partners, and key customers.

Abilitytoread an electrical hardware schematic.

Experiencewithstandard hardware bus interfaces, such as UART, I2C and SPI.

Abilitytobe key member of small hardware “bring up” team.

Proficiency in use of basic electrical tools, i.e. oscilloscope, multimeter, logic analyzer.

Demonstrated success in resolution of technical challenges leveraging strong problem solving skills.

Abilitytoworkindividually and in small teams that may include contractorsworkingremotely.

Experience using source code version control systems (SVN, Git).

Preferable Knowledge and Skills:

Experiencewithsoftware verification & testing.

Experiencewithinstrument control.

ExperiencewithNFC, AirFuel, or Qi wireless power standards aplus.

ExperiencewithNXP microcontrollers aplus.

Linux kernel / driver experience is aplus.

Machine Language/Assembler experience.

C++ CLI/.Net experience.

MATLAB experience.

Scripting (shell, batch, python) experience.

Low-level hardware design exposure.



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