Senior Product Manager Jobs in Boston, MA at Kyruus

Title: Senior Product Manager

Company: Kyruus

Location: Boston, MA

Salary: $100K – $150K*

Category: Healthcare

Job Description

First and foremost, Kyruuvians care deeply about our vision to enable human beings to care for human beings, our mission, and our CORE values:

•Caring– We care about doing theright thing, in the right way, every time.

•Ownership– We own both our successes and our mistakes,taking responsibilityandalways learninghow to be better.

•Respect– We respect andcelebrate the individual traitsthat enable each of us, our customers, our providers, and our patients, to be the best that we can be.

•Empowerment– We embrace a culture that supportseveryone’sability to contribute and lead.

Here’s what that would mean for you in this role.


You’ll execute on the mission and vision by ensuring our strategic goals are supported by our products. You’ll spend time in the field, especially with users, to set the long-term vision for offerings that solve meaningful problems for our customers. You’ll work as the key conduit between our externally facing teams and our internally facing development teams to champion the voice of our users and customers.


You’ll work with our Sales, Marketing, and Delivery teams to engage with customers on their strategic objectives. You’ll regularly conduct customer and market research to help inform our current and future product investments.

Your typical day will include researching the competitive landscape, gathering user and customer feedback, writing epics, and working with Sales and Marketing to communicate and measure the impact for your product areas. You’ll work with your agile team and your manager to quarterback Kyruus-wide customer discovery, validation, and creation efforts.

You’ll define the “why” and the “what” of product decisions. You’ll then work with the Agile team to define the “how” of the product.

You’ll lead effective brainstorming sessions with other stakeholders on our products. You’ll translate ideas into Epics and break them down into Stories.

You’ll write acceptance criteria and refine requirements based on the Epics. You’ll contribute to release notes and presentations on your product areas.

You’ll define collections of Epics into clearly articulated initiatives to help drive the organization toward common product goals.

You’ll mentor other product managers and software engineers on the voice of the customer through product management principles, best practices, and agile methodologies.

You’ll support Sales and existing customer conversations. You’ll assist Delivery with conducting trainings on new products and gathering feedback.

You’ll report to the Director, Product Management in the Product Management Department within the R&D – Product Division.

Respect: How You’ll Use Your Professional Skills

You’ll use your 5+ years experience in enterprise Saas and/or healthcare product management to:

Lead and facilitate Product Management Processes without direction from management

Ask the right questions of, and listen actively, to our users, our customers, and the market

Negotiate and identify priorities, trade offs, and timelines for your agile team

Connect business goals to product roadmap goals, and vice versa.

You’ll use your communication and problem solving skills to:

Leverage your agile team to get things done, get them done well, and celebrate them when they do

Proactively identify problems impacting over product teams and our customers and work collaboratively to help …


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