Senior Software Tester Jobs in College Park, MD at Immuta

Title: Senior Software Tester

Company: Immuta

Location: College Park, MD

Salary: $150K – $200K*

Category: Information Technology

Job Description

Immuta was founded in 2015 based on a specific mission to build a platform that accelerates self-service access and control of sensitive data. Immuta’s award-winning automated data governance software platform creates trust across security, legal, compliance, and business teams so they can work together to ensure timely access to critical business data with minimal risks. Our automated, scalable, no code approach makes it easy for users to access the data they need, when they need it, while protecting sensitive data and ensuring their customers’ privacy.

Our Mission is clear. Enable the legal and ethical use of data. How we approach this mission is also clear!

We are mission focused. Born out of a government mission, we understand why data is about more than just analytics – it also represents our values. Our mission is to enable the legal and ethical use of data, ensuring that data is accessible to only those who need it, for the right reasons, and in the proper form.

We are humble intellects. We are experts in privacy, ethics, law, and engineering. But true expertise requires constant change – to always learn and to always adapt. And that means we excel as students and as teachers. We have something to learn from everyone, at any time, in any place.

We are independent achievers. We don’t need guidance to get things done, yet we know when to ask for help. We accomplish our mission while upholding our values, whatever it takes.

We are helpful and caring. For us, life is about the values we uphold, not the credit we receive or the attention we garner. We operate with respect and consideration of our peers, acting with empathy, honesty, transparency, and integrity.


You will work on the Product Team to improve the quality and reliability of Immuta’s application. This team is a highly skilled group of full stack engineers, testers, and designers that work with a variety of languages and technologies to build a reliable scalable application suite capable of integrating and virtualizing data across storage technologies and delivering data to users in a policy-compliant and auditable manner.


Your role is to test, verify, and validate Immuta’s application using both manual and automated methods. Your responsibilities will include creating and executing test plans, finding and documenting bugs, verifying bug fixes and feature enhancements, ensuring product usability and cohesiveness as the application continues to grow, as well as creating and maintaining all related test artifacts.

We’re looking for Senior Software Testers who are…

*Outstanding problem solvers

*Organized and have high attention to detail

*Capable of juggling multiple priorities

*Able to manage their time independently

*Comfortable and effective in a fast-paced, agile environment

*Able to effectively communicate with peers

*Capable of writing thorough and detailed bug reports, test plans, procedures, and reports

*Skilled as both a manual and automated tester

*Skilled at breaking things







AWS Products




*8+ years test experience

*3+ years automated test experience

*Ability to develop and execute robust manual and automated test plans

*Ability to contribute to overall test strategy and approach



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