SES Band 1 Assistant Commissioner Job at Australian Taxation Office – in Canberra ACT

Job Description

Various business areas

Various locations in ACT, NSW, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC & WA

Ongoing/non-ongoing, full-time/part-time, $234,160 – $270,902 total remuneration

The ATO is recruiting senior leaders across multiple business areas and sites. By joining the ATO you’ll do work you can’t do anywhere else and make a real difference to the lives of Australians by contributing to their economic and social wellbeing.

We are looking for experienced, committed and innovative leaders to fill roles in the following areas:

Client Engagement


Enterprise Solutions and Technology


Client Engagement

Assistant Commissioner roles may be available across a range of Client Engagement areas.

As a tax and superannuation expert you will lead large and diverse teams and play an important role in administering Australia’s tax and superannuation systems that makes it easy for the community to comply. You will also support the integrity of the systems by addressing non-compliance and increasing transparency about the operation of the systems for taxpayers and partners. Roles may include:

providing technical leadership and advice, through the clarification, interpretation and application of tax and superannuation laws

identifying significant issues and their impact on the integrity of the tax and superannuation systems and the community, and developing and implementing strategies to address those issues

delivering a range of activities to help taxpayers and their advisors comply with their tax and superannuation obligations

shaping and influencing the design of the tax and superannuation systems across the dimensions of policy, law and administration, ensuring the design reduces complexity and makes it easier for the community to comply

ensuring taxpayers, their advisors and our staff are well supported in their understanding of the tax and superannuation systems and our service offerings through a range of engagement or stakeholder relationship activities.

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Assistant Commissioner roles may be available in Tax Counsel Network and Review and Dispute Resolution.

Tax Counsel Network

As a tax technical expert you will use your leadership, technical mastery and wisdom to find strategic solutions for issues within the law, its interpretation and application, including through:

determining the ATO view on significant tax and superannuation law

delivery of the ATO’s public advice and guidance to improve the community’s understanding and application of the law

strategically leading the ATO’s significant litigation, ensuring arguments are consistent with the ATO view

identifying and solving policy and law design issues.

Review and Dispute Resolution

As an Assistant Commissioner in Review and Dispute Resolution you will champion and deliver fair, impartial and timely resolution of disputes, including through your skill, experience and leadership of technical, litigation and/or support teams. You will also work collaboratively to prevent further disputes and reduce objections and complaints by improving processes and making better use of insights and feedback.

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Enterprise Solutions and Technology

Assistant Commissioner roles may be available across a range of Enterprise Solutions and Technology areas.

As an Information Technology professional with a record of achievement in delivering contemporary technology solutions in a large and complex environment you will play a crucial role in driving technological and cultural change within the ATO. You will also manage diverse teams and work collaboratively to design and deliver IT solutions that make it easier for the community to participate and comply by simplifying and automating interactions with the ATO.

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Assistant Commissioner roles may be available in our Design, Finance and Marketing and Communications areas.


As an influential leader in change and design you will ensure the ATO is positioned to deliver high quality user centred design and solutions. This includes designing tailored and contemporary products and services that are informed by an understanding of the community, government and stakeholders and their needs and expectations. You will be expected to lead large and complex projects, manage and prioritise engagements across the ATO, lead and manage the design teams, and support organisational design capability.


As an ATO Finance professional you’ll lead teams to deliver trusted services and expert advice in relation to a range of financial resource management activities in a public sector environment, providing exceptional client and stakeholder experience to inform decision making and achieve ATO business outcomes. You will have a strong record of achievement in finance and resource management within large and complex environments and will play an integral role in ensuring the ATO maintains a high level of financial integrity by ensuring records are complete, accurate, transparent and in accordance with legislative requirements.

Marketing and Communications

As a Marketing and Communications professional you will be responsible for aligning external communication approaches in relation to corporate priorities. You will lead the development and implementation of high priority, high risk and complex marketing and communication strategies and provide strategic advice on:

external corporate audiences

diverse audiences, and

campaigns and advertising.

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Roles will be offered across the ATO and may be offered as full time or part time on an ongoing or non-ongoing basis in Adelaide, Albury, Box Hill, Brisbane CBD, Canberra, Chermside, Dandenong, Geelong, Gosford, Hobart, Melbourne CBD, Moonee Ponds, Newcastle, Parramatta, Penrith, Perth, Sydney CBD, Townsville, Upper Mount Gravatt or Wollongong.

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