Sr. Engineer Jobs in Pleasanton, CA at Ellie Mae

Title: Sr. Engineer

Company: Ellie Mae

Location: Pleasanton, CA

Salary: $100K – $150K*

Category: Finance & Insurance

Ellie Mae is the leading cloud-based platform provider for the mortgage finance industry. Ellie Maes technology solutions enable lenders to originate more loans, reduce origination costs, and reduce the time to close, all while ensuring the highest levels of compliance, quality and efficiency.

You are…

Youre someone who is enjoys being directly accountable for the reliability of a business-critical, large- scale enterprise system. Youre comfortable guiding and making decisions with limited information and are capable of operating within the trade-offs present when solving for immediate needs versus solving with bigger scale solutions. You might be considered an authority in systems reliability and you feel rewarded by working to develop operability culture in a quickly growing and changing environment. You enjoy owning a wide and diverse set of problem areas and are willing to go out of your lane to affect change. You may have developed metrics, log aggregation or performance analysis systems in your career.

anticipating kudos across Customer Success & Product Engineering as theyve been busy shipping best- in-class measurement and analytics tools to our platform that are ready to use and as approachable as possible. Youve just attended a postmortem for a severe incident, and during the course of the meeting the team identified a big-scale way to add a new capability to the platform that not only prevents that type of outage, but potential similar outages in many other areas of the business.

Our Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) team is an investment by Cloud to make big-hammer, impactful changes to Ellie Mae that help us constantly run better, faster, and cheaper. This team centralizes the concerns of developing and providing measurements and guidance, so every engineer is able to improve availability and efficiency in their area of the Ellie Mae cloud. SRE improves our customer experiences by ever-increasing availability and performance; reclaiming time spent by our engineers diagnosing issues or configuring software; reducing the total cost of owning and operating products and services. We have a cultural foundation built on diversity, inclusion and innovation and we want you and your ideas to thrive at Ellie Mae. Come join us.

Summary ofresponsibilities

Employ deep troubleshooting skills to improve the availability, performance, and security of Ellie Mae Services.

Coding and Automation of Applications on Cloud Platform

Implement automated tests, automated deployments, and operational tools

Collaborate with Product and Support teams to plan and deploy product releases

Set Strategic and Operational goals for team, and work with team to deliver on goals.

Work with Cloud Platform and Operations leaders to develop narratives, backlog grooming, epic planning and overall sprint planning processes

Work with Engineering leadership to build shared services that meet the requirements and need of the platform and application teams

Ensure services are designed with 24/7 availability and operational readiness and rigor

Implementation of proactive monitoring, alerting, trend analysis and self-healing systems

Define non-functional requirements as part of the product lifecycle to influence the new designs, standards, and methods for scalable, highly available distributed systems

Contribute to product development / engineering as needed to ensure Quality of Service of Highly Available ser…

About Ellie Mae

Ellie Mae, Inc. is a software company that processes almost a quarter of U.S. mortgage applications. The services are based on a software as a service model (SaaS) that streamlines and automates the process of originating and funding new mortgage loans and facilitating regulatory compliance. The company was founded in 1997 by Limin Hu and Sigmund Anderman and is headquartered in Pleasanton, California. In January 2014, Ellie Mae finally completed the acquisition of MortgageCEO(focusing on CRM). Also in January 2014, Ellie Mae completed the acquisition of ARG Interactive, LLC. In 2008 Ellie Mae acquired the assets of Online Document Systems Inc. from Stewart Lender Services Inc. Since 2008 it has acquired Mavent Inc. (2009), Del Mar DataTrac (2011), Mortgage Pricing Systems (2011), MortgageCEO (2013), and AllRegs, an Eagan, Minnesota-based information provider for the mortgage industry (2014). In September 2013, Ellie Mae introduced the updated mortgage-management system Encompass360 to help underwriters comply with the latest federal mortgage rules in 2014. This system features debt-to-income calculators, discount assessment, evaluating the loans quality.