VP of Engineering Jobs in Radnor, OH at BankMobile

Title: VP of Engineering

Company: BankMobile

Location: Radnor, OH

Salary: $200K – $250K*

Category: Finance & Insurance

Job Description

Technology strategy, software development execution, and DevOps management for a modern Microsoft fin-tech stack including Xamarin mobile, Angular web, .Net server, and Azure PaaS technologies. Technology stack selection and rationalization, development process efficiency, high quality releases, and support for a highly reliable and cost-effective Azure run-time environment. Hands-on experience with fin-tech, managing multiple technology teams, and enterprise-class code-bases with the ability to drive technical standards throughout the product development organization.


Expected Outcomes

Major software architecture and development standards are documented and well known to all developers

Current and future state software architectures, based on well-organized domain-driven designs, are actively maintained with a continuous improvement model towards standardizing the data access, middleware, and UI layers

Next generation PaaS “no server” Azure technologies are actively leveraged with a plan to standardize the entire stack as part of a concrete plan and release schedule

Leverage devops and multi-tenancy techniques to ensure our multi-partner “Bank-as-a-Service” vision is actively maintained throughout the software architecture by being able to prove out “printing a bank” to the cloud

Standardization of technical integration methods with core banking and other third party providers. Improve data synchronization between third parties and the enterprise customer hub solution

Build out a standard data architecture and reporting suite that dramatically improves self-service business-intelligence delivery to key stakeholders

Ability to rationalized and leverage emerging AI/ML techniques for solving specific business use cases

Make sound “build vs. buy” decisions that build differentiating features and offload commoditized functionality to third party vendors

Development and run-time efficiency and quality KPI’s are actively managed and reported to senior management with periodic improvement goals being met

Elimination of technical debt throughout the stack by continuous upgrades and large “rewrite/port” projects

Active management of information security practices within the system and code-base with no breaches or high-profile security incidents, and inherent defenses built-in against cyber-fraud attacks

Active recruitment of top technology talent capable of building high quality financial technologies in an enterprise-class environment

New developers can be quickly onboarded and trained using a cloud-based local dev environment that is a “near-image” of production using DevOps distribution techniques

Position Responsibilities

Executive role that focuses on strategy and execution of custom-built financial technologies with direct responsibility of the software architecture team, DevOps team, and multiple tech-leads

Enable the Chief Product Officer on the development and delivery of digital products and services

Define the Enterprise IT strategy that aligns effectively to the business strategy, including capability-aligned technology development, build vs. buy decisions, and technology stack rationalization and selection

Drive standardization of tools and processes across multiple BankMobile groups

Manage technology vendors relationship and performance, and active engagement of technology-related tool or vendor selection

Lead software and systems architecture review board

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